Product Cover look inside Division of Beat (D.O.B.), Book 1A Conductor's Guide. Composed by Harry Haines and J. R. Mcentyre. Arranged by Tom Rhodes. Band - Band Methods. Southern Music. Instruction, Method. 136 pages. Southern Music Company #B323SC. Published by Southern Music Company (HL.3770465).

So your principal assigned you to teach music...

...we suggest starting here for cost at all: Solfege 101 Lesson 1: Learning the C Major Scale in Solfege:

  1. If your goal is to begin Note-Reading / Sight-Singing / Ear-Training with only the basic Solfege-Do,Re,Mi Syllables, this video is for you; it works though the 8 notes of the C-Major Scale using only Solfege Syllables. (Additional concepts of music reading are included in later videos.) For now, just click 'play'... wait for 4 clicks, then Audiate, Sing, Hum and/or Play along (doing so on a Piano keyboard will enhance the learning process even more).

Bar Lines are left out for simplicity. Double Bar Lines group like Intervals together.

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Keywords: Music, Music Reading, Reading Music, Solfege, Do,Re,Mi, Do Re Mi, So-Fa, C-Major Scale.

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